Lipiny - Wola Młocka Parish History

Original German and English translation by Klaus-Guenter Leiss with editing by Jerry Frank.

Source: Die evangelisch-augsburgischen Gemeinden in Polen 1555-1939 by Eduard Kneifel. [The Evangelical-Augsburg (Lutheran) Parishes in Poland, 1555-1939]


Pomeranian Germans first arrived in this area in 1820 and founded the village of Lipiny.  The area was first served with pastoral care from Przasnysz but this proved difficult due to the 20 km distance from the church.  Tensions arose with a reluctance to pay the church tithe and with the need for baptisms and marriages to be performed by local Roman Catholic priests.  Because of this, the Warsaw Consistory ordered the establishment of Lipiny as an Affiliate in 1837.

The Germans in Lipiny wanted a church but had to compete with Wola Młocka where most of the parishioners lived.  Wola Młocka was chosen as the site and a church was dedicated June 8, 1914.  It was very large with space for 1000 worshippers.  From then on the Affiliate was called Lipiny- Wola Młocka.  It became an independent parish April 1, 1933.

Pastors and Teachers

1932 - 1937 Friedrich Arlt
1937 - 1938 Arno Arlt
1938 - 1945 Julius Gaubatz

Teachers and Kantors:

Rudolf Rossal, 1900-1905
August Utta, 1905-1912/13
Adolf Fuchs, 1922-1930
Johann Kufeldt, 1931-1938

Some Statistics

Founding of the Lipiny Affiliate – 1837;   2500 parishioners;  church language - German;  10 cemeteries


(with founding date if known)

Lipiny (school)  1820
Wola Młocka (school)  about 1860
Płociszewo (school)  about 1860
Kondrajec (school)
Grabowiec (school)
Wola Wodzyńska (school)
Kondrajec Szlachecki

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