Nowy Dwor Parish History

Original German and English translation by Klaus-Guenter Leiss with editing by Jerry Frank.

Source: Die evangelisch-augsburgischen Gemeinden in Polen 1555-1939 by Eduard Kneifel. [The Evangelical-Augsburg (Lutheran) Parishes in Poland, 1555-1939]


The Nowy Dwór region is one of the older settlement areas in Russian Poland.  A Mennonite village, Deutsch-Kazuń,was founded in 1776 across from the Modlin fortress.  In 1782, the archbishop was granted a charter to establish the town of Nowy Dwór on his estate and many Lutheran German craftsmen began to arrive there in the following years 1783-1790.  In the Prussia era 1793-1806, 13 skippers and 2 shipbuilders also arrived from Berlin and Stargard.

The Evangelical (Lutheran) settlers were granted freedom to practice their religion by Archbishop Stanislaw Poniatowski so in 1782 they established the parish of Nowy Dwór.  At first the parishioners met in private houses for prayer.  In 1806 they were granted permission to use the upper floor of the town hall as their chapel.  In 1818, Graf Gutakowski donated a house to the church which was used as a parsonage.  Finally, in 1826, the government granted them full use of the town hall which was then converted into a church.  This was again renovated in 1867 and enlarged in 1906.  Disaster struck in 1907 when a huge fire destroyed 120 homes in Nowy Dwór.  A graveyard chapel in Neuhof was dedicated in 1937.


1783 - 1796 Gottfried Leske
1799 - 1813 Johann Christopherus Friedrich Nathanael Bando
1818 - 1839 Samuel Tock
1830 - 1831 Traugott Schulze
1831 - 1832 Peter Paul ( Karl ) Berkau
1832 - 1859 Wilhelm Helbing
1860 - 1896 Ludwig Behrens
1897 - 1903 Edmund Hermann Schultz
1904 - 1922 Oskar Ernst
1922 - 1925 vacant
1925 - 1929 Karl Wolfram
1929 - 1939 Robert Nitschmann

Some Statistics

Parish founding 1782;   3250 parishioners;  church language German but also church services in Polish;  1 Church in Neuhof-Nowy Dwór;  parsonage;  1 hectare farm land for the parsonage;  8 chapels and 15 cemeteries.


(with founding date if known)

Deutsch - Kazuń
Nowy Dwór
Neuhof-Nowy Dwór
Wiesendorf - Łaczna  1782
Skierdy (school)  1782
Dembina Hollendry  1786
Neu-Modlin (school)  (Swabian) about 1803
Luisenfelde  (Swabian) about 1803
Kleinfelde / Koszewsko  (Swabian)   about 1803
Dziekanów  1830
Łomianki Górne  1890
Kikol-Kämpe (school)
Szamocin (school)
Kazuń (school)
Neuhofer Kämpe
Deutsch - Dziekanów

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