Paproc Parish Pictures

The following are pictures from the Paproc Duze Parish. Click on the thumbnail view for an enlarged view of the picture.

Originally a Lutheran Church built in 1841, a local resident recently advised, "After WW II, cows were kept in the church. Then the roof fell in. Then it was rebuilt and the design kept intact with a little space added on the rear (as can be seen in the photo)." It is now used by the Catholics. Comparison to an old photo confirms that the rebuild is quite faithful to the original design.
- photo c.2006 courtesy of Carol Burns
Catholic Church at nearby Jasiniec where Lutheran records 1800-1828 were kept prior to the establishment of the Lutheran Church at Paproc Duze. It was reconstructed after a fire in 1888. - photo c.2006 courtesy of Carol Burns

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