Sadoles-Platkownica Parish History

English translation by George Shoning.

Source: Die evangelisch-augsburgischen Gemeinden in Polen 1555-1939 by Eduard Kneifel. [The Evangelical-Augsburg (Lutheran) Parishes in Poland, 1555-1939]


Germans started to settle in the villages of Sadoles and Platkownica (and three others) around 1830. The land on the south side of the Bug River (south of Brok) was owned by Count Andreas Zamojski. This region was served by the Pastor from the Wengrow Parish. After the original Sadoles church burned down, a new one was constructed in 1906. Soon after, a new larger one was constructed at Platkownica and dedicated in 1908. The farmer, Jacob Müller, was largely responsible for its construction. Later, the Diocese of Warsaw constructed a Deaconet House named "Tabita" as a respite home for the Sisters (deaconesses). The parish was given independent status in 1906 but never had its own pastor until 1939, always having been serverd from either Wengrow or Warsaw.

Some Statistics

- Founding of the association: 1842; of the Parish: 1936; Number of inhabitants 1938: 1500 (1929: 950); language of church services: German.
- Two churches, no parsonage, one Prayerhall, two cemeteries
- Two schools with German instruction 1924; Polonized before 1939.  Church cantor was Adolf Waade.
- 1929: 52 Baptisms, 21 Confirmations, 13 Marriages, 26 Deaths, 274 Communicants (1913: 866). Contributors 1923: 231; Budget 1924: 1586 Złoty.  Pastor’s annual salary 700 Złoty.  


Max Lipski, 1939-?

Teachers and Kantors

Adolf Waade , 1939


(with founding date if known)


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