Sadoles-Platkownica Parish Research

Below you will find a variety of research tips, clues, and other resources specific to this parish. These will differ from parish to parish depending on what kind of material is submitted by our members. Some images if applicable will be enlarged if you click on them.

A German language website for Sadoles_Platkownica is available. It contains lots of information about this region. Included is a 250 page book about the Ratke family written by Günter G. Ratke. The following family names are featured in the book:

Ratke, Arndt, Jabs, Ewald, Karau, Rimatzke, Hartmann, Semke, Erichson. Gertz, Ritz

This map shows the region of Sadoles and Platkownica with German residents known to be there c.1930. It has been accurately scaled to existing topographic maps by Jerry Frank with locations of residence extracted from a previous map created by Adolf Neumann. Original Neumann map provided courtesy of Adolf Buse and Karl Krüger, a former resident of Platkownica. Click the map for a large .pdf version.

List of residents by number.

List of residents alphabetically.

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