Zyrardow Parish Pictures

The following are pictures from the Zyrardow Parish. Click on the thumbnail view for an enlarged view of the picture.

Unless otherwise noted below, the photos are from Zyrardow town website (Polish) and we gratefully acknowledge permission to use same from the webmaster, Bartosz Glowacki.

Zyrardow was an industrial town. Although Lodz usually gets the acclaim as the center for cloth making, Zyrardow played a significant role in that industry, in particular as supported by the German settlers in the area.
Views of the Lutheran Church in Zyrardow (left and below).
The cemetery in Zyrardow is shared by Catholics and Lutherans.
The old Kantoratschule (teacher's school) in Zyrardow.
Below, the Baptist Church in Zyrardow. A postcard c.1899 depicting both the Lutheran and Baptist Churches in Zyrardow.
Left and below, linen making machinery used in the German cloth making industry. Industrialists owning factories here included Geman names such as Hielle and Dittrich.

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