Parish & Diocese History

Russian Poland

Alphabetical Listing of Lutheran Parishes in Russian Poland with links to those for which SGGEE can provide brief historical outlines, photos, documents and other research tips.

Chronological Listing of the creation of Lutheran Parishes in Russian Poland in a time line showing other important historical events in that region.

Refer also to the Pastors in Poland and Volhynia link in the Volhynia section below.

History of the Moravian Brethren parishes in Russian Poland (includes the Reichenau district northeast of Thorn (Torun) in Prussia).



Podolia Lutheran Diocese History



History of Baptists in Volhynia

Volhynia Lutheran Diocese History

Volhynia Lutheran Diocese Parish Diagram

Lutheran Kantors in Western Volhynia in 1935/36
(German language pdf file)

Lutheran Pastors in Poland and Volhynia
From the yearly "Volhynian folk calendar" from 1935 to 1938 as written by the Volhynian Lutheran Pastors. Note that, at this time, the Lutheran Churches of western Volhyhnia were under the direction of the Warsaw Consistory, not St. Petersburg. That is why you find Polish information together with that from Volhynia.