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Rosalie Lindberg Rosalindy at aol.com wrote:

> I am interested in trying to find out what part of Germany my family came
> from.  The records for Paproc Duza (the Evangelical parish) only begin
> 1840 so it is possible a mass colonization took place shortly before that
> time.  The map coordinates are approximately 52degrees 25' north and 22
> deg.05' east and the closest large city on the map is Ostrow Mazowiecka.

Although the Lutheran parish of Paproc Duza (in German: Koenigshuld or Gross
Paproc) was not established until 1837, German settlers were living there
and in the nearby settlements of Luisenau, Wilhelmsdorf and Mecklenburg
since about 1800. The author Eduard Kneifel writes in his book "Die
evangelisch-augsburgischen Gemeinden in Polen 1555-1939" that these settlers
came from the German province of Mecklenburg. Before 1837 they were served
by travelling pastors from Chmielowka-Suwalki and We~grow on an irregular

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