[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Franzdorf village in Volhynia, families Krentz and Kelm

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Fri Oct 19 14:28:48 PDT 2001

At 03:28 PM 19/10/2001 -0400, Richard Benert wrote:
>Sorry to be a bit slow in getting around to checking on this, but there is a
>Franzdorf listed on Karl Stumpp's Verzeichnis der deutschen Siedlungen in
>Ukrainisch-Wolhynien (in a 1962 Heimatbuch).  It gives another name for the
>village as Freinwald, and says "see Adamowka".  Under Adamowka, the
>alternative name is given as Freienwald, rayon Pulin, Kirchspiel Heimthal.
>The location is D-5.  Sure enough, on the Stumpp map, in D-5, there is an
>Adamowka about 5km southwest of Pulin.

Either Mr. Stumpp made a mistake on this (as he often does) or there are 
two Franzdorf.  In fact I am so skeptical of this that I did not include 
the connection in my index.  I have yet to find any substantiating evidence 
for this connection in any church or other records.

By looking at the birth entries in the St. Pete records, we have 
ascertained that Franzdorf must have been in the region to the north and 
northwest of Wolodarsk.  We know this because the date of the entries fits 
right in between the dates of entries for other surrounding villages.  That 
relationship of entries appears in more than one year of microfilms.  It 
would have been physically impossible for the pastor to be in, say for 
example, Suchawola one day, down to Adamowka aka Franzdorf the next, and 
then back up to Marjanowka the third day.  We don't have absolute proof but 
the preponderance of evidence points to Franzdorf = Franzowka as Howard 

By the way, if any of you have a village with a common name like 
Alexandrowka, you can use the above relationships between entry dates in 
previous and subsequent villages to help you ascertain which is the right one.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
jkfrank at home.com

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