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Thu Aug 22 14:09:16 PDT 2002

Since my first post, I went to the Cloverdale Library to look at the 
microfiche on the Ships Passenger list.  Can someone tell me exactly what 
this means.  It was under the category of Country and Place of Birth, I 
enlarged it as much as I could, however it was really hard to read.  It 
showed the following for Arnold Kautz(born 1924), Lydia Kautz nee 
Schultz(born 1893)  and Adolph Kautz(born 1888):
     Chernirov Gov
     Gov. Volhynien,
     Vil. Boriscvka
then under relatives it had:
     Julius Kautz - Ukraine     157273 Shitomir
     Gov. Volhynek, Vil. Borisovka
under my (adopted)grandmother's brother's(Adolph Schultz) file, it showed:
     mother-Otlie Schultz - Ukraine    157266 - Shitomir
     Gov. Volhynsk   Vil. Warwarovka  25Jul28

I want to know what the Veronesh, Chernirov Gov and all the rest of it 
Thanks everyone for your help, it is slow however at least I have more than 
I did.

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