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Hello All:
   My offer to do lookups still stands but there are a few things I should
tell you about the book.
   First,when I said the Stumpp book is massive,it`s exactly that at 1018
pages.As well,there`s no index,rather the book is organised into 3
sections:1)the migrants to the Volga region, 2)the Mennonites, and 3)the
migrants to the Black Sea regions.And please remember that the book only
covers the years 1763-1862 although if you`re ancestors arrived earlier or
later there may be some reference to the name you`re seeking provided that you
can give me the village,town,etc.So,that said,if you can`t supply the name of
the village (or at a minimum,which of the 3 areas is covered by the book) I`m
not sure there`s much I can do for you.Also,please remember that I haven`t
actually used this book very much,especially after I discovered that my own
ancestors probably arrived in southern Russia after 1862.But I`m also certain
that,with a little practice,I`ll get more proficient.So I ask all of you with
requests to please be patient and rest assured that I`m actually looking for
your names.I`ve got 3 requests so far which I`m persuing.
Andy Wilm

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