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Erv Schieman schieman at ucalgary.ca
Sat Dec 21 13:13:08 PST 2002

Hi Guenther,

And a wondrful Merry Christmas to you. Thank you for responding. The
message was very helpful. After I posted my first message I found that the
Schmidt family indeed lived in the Kostopol district. What is FHLC? Can you
please provide additional information regarding the microfilm material
found at FHLC? Can anyone search the database? And if so how does go about
the search? Please excuse my ignorance as I am just becoming familiar with
genealogy research.

Ervin Schieman
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Erv Schieman schrieb:

>As a new subscriber, I am most impressed with
>the knowledge and the level of detail that many
>posts include. I have begun searching for
>information regarding the flight of my
>grandparents ( Heinrich Schmidt, Maria
>Beiberdorf) from Dermanka region to
>Gerwischkehmen. Does anyone have map information
>regarding these two places and how they might
>fled given that the year was 1911?
Hello Ervin,
at first you should identify your Dermanka as there seem to be two in
Volhynia, one in Lutsk and one other in the Kostopol district.

The village of Gerwischkehmen is in the northeastern part of East
Prussia (east of the provincial capital of Koenigsberg). Its present
Russian name is Priozernoye and its exact location 8.4 km northwest of
the district capital of Gumbinnen (Gusev), alongside the Pissa river
(the records of the Gerwischkehmen evangelic parish are microfilmed in
the FHLC).

So the voyage should have started by horse and cart, loading into train
at the Rowno (Rivne) or Lutsk station and transport by train via Kovel,
Brest-Litovsk and Byelostok (customs station at Grayevo), Lyck,
Insterburg and Gumbinnen.

Merry Christmas,
Guenther from Hilden, Germany

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