[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Polish name: WUDARSKI

Audrey DuMont adumont at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Feb 8 22:23:00 PST 2002

Hi there!
Can anyone help with this family name?  There appears to be lots of Wudarski's
in the USA, but not many in Poland.

My father, ALFRED, born in 1925, is a WWII Refugee living in England.  The
name was spelt either LWUDARSKI or WLUDARSKI at the beginning of the 20th
century. but was changed due to a spelling mistake by officials!

He left LODZ in Sept 1939, with General Piludski's Cadet Corps, although he
appears to have lived in the area most of his life.

However, his father, ADOLF EDMUND, born around 1883, appears to have been in
the Russian army at some point.

Other family members names: -
Emilia: mother - nee Bergman(n) born around 1887, name could have been spelt
with a y or j.
Alfons(e): brother - married, wife Zenni (?spelling) and son Ziegfried.  In
the army pre-1939 - alive at the end of the war, but contact lost after one
Arthur Aleksander: married before the war, with a daughter. May have died in
Oskar (Oscar?) Bergman(n) - Emilia's brother - emigrated to Australia in 1936
with his family.

Except for a few more details, which fills an A4 side of paper, this is all I
know about my Polish heritage, of which I am fiercely proud of, so any
information anyone can give me will be a bonus.  Thank you.

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