[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Nickel from Ivanovich

Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 16 09:25:28 PST 2002

I have found 8 Iwanowice (pronounced very similar to Ivanowich) in modern 
Poland.  All are in the southern parts of that country which would not have 
been East Prussia.  However, part of East Prussia is now in Russia so that 
may be the location.  I don't have adequate resources to search in that 
area.  You may have to get more specific information to find the correct place.

At 08:16 PM 14/02/2002 -0800, Steve & Adelheid Bender wrote:
>I am new to this list and hope not breaking any protocal.
>I am researching my father's family as well as my mothers (Poland).
>Father: Friedrich Nickel born June 10, 1921 in Ivanovich
>his father was Herman Nickel born 1882 in Ivanovch and married to Tabea
>Schmidt born 1888 both died in USSR
>    they had the following children
>     Lydia, Natalia, Assaf, Friedrich, Josef and Erhart (all children but
>Friedrich, my father who is still alive in Canada are in former Soviet Union)
>All I know about Herman's father is that his name was Heinrich and believed to
>have been born in East Prussia. Don't know the name of his wife other than
>Just beginning my quest.
>Adelheid Bender
>Revelstoke, British Columbia

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
jkfrank at shaw.ca

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