[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: [OWP] In Search of a Researcher

Jan Textor textor at post8.tele.dk
Sun Jul 28 01:12:42 PDT 2002

Barbara Heise Grooman wrote:
<<< I know from documents received from Warsaw that Im seeking records from
the area around Torun. Communities, villages.whatever you want to call
them include Schulitz, Ruden, and Orlowo. I know these places exist, but
microfilm to order, what Archive to correspond with?>>>
<<<< While Im here rambling, let me add that I have appreciated all the
suggestions so many members have sent. Its a shame that I dont seem to
quite fit any list. My German surnames look rather out of place on the great
Poland Border Surname list, and no one on the Prussian list seems to be
tracking the areas Im sniffing out.>>>>

I would say that Schulitz and Ruden are much closer to Bydgoszcz (Bromberg)
than to Torun~ (Thorn), and Orlowo is much closer to Inowrocl~aw
(Hohensalza).  The Polish name of Schulitz is Solec Kujawski and it is
located on the left bank of the Wisl~a (Weichsel) river about 16 km ESE of
Bydgoszcz.  As far as I know, it had its own Evangelical parish.  Ruden is
called Rudy in Polish, and it is located about 3 km WSW of Solec Kujawski.
It probably belonged to the same Ev. parish.  There are several towns called
Orl~owo, but a good possibility is the one located about 5 km north of
Inowrocl~aw (Hohensalza) and about 27 km south of Solec Kujawski.  It
probably belonged to the Ev. parish of Hohensalza.

All these towns were in the district of Posen, and I think that you should
try to contact the Posen list before doing anything else.  And should you
still want to contact a local researcher, this would also be the perfect
place to find one.  You can find out more about the list at this site:

Hope this helps.
Jan Textor, Denmark

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