[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] 1901 census and Prairie towns

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Thanks for your added input.  What works in southern Manitoba obviously 
does not work everywhere.

Gary Warner

At 10:55 PM 6/7/2002 , Dave Obee wrote:
>Census sub-districts on the Canadian prairies are sometimes named after
>settlements, sometimes not. You can't count on that method. If you do, have
>fun with Red Deer; they seemed to throw that one in whenever they ran out of
>better ideas.
>Bear in mind that in 1901 the area south of Winnipeg had been settled for
>almost 30 years, so a lot of the placenames were getting locked in. The
>farther west you go, the more names were still indefinite, to be kind. You
>are lucky your people were in the established area.
>The census index on Ancestry.com is good as far is it goes, which so far is
>just bits of Manitoba. Another source is www.ingeneas.com, which has indexed
>immigrants appearing in the 1901 census of Manitoba. Edward Jager, aged 34,
>is there, in the Provencher district, but it does not point you to Franklin.
>If you're clever, you can break the Ingeneas code, which will get you to the
>right frame more quickly.
>A census index for Alberta has been published by the Alberta Genealogical
>Society, which has posted a major chunk of it on its web site. The AGS is
>also working on Saskatchewan, with publication of some of those volumes due
>soon. I don't know if those will be on the Web.
>Dave Obee
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