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Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 26 07:22:36 PDT 2002

At 02:37 PM 25/06/2002 -0400, Otto Weber wrote:
>This is a request,to anybody who is doing research of his ancestors ,who at
>one time lived in Volhynia (first Russia, than Poland). In my research am 
>not able to
>determine from what previous area did these settlers come.  My information 
>is , Congress Poland,
>Silesia, Eastern Prussia. Does anybody have information ,used search 
>matertial from
>the Mormon Church, or knows about a area  where there was a concentration  of
>these setllers.

Unfortunately, Otto, there is no one concentration of origin of settlers 
from these regions.  Areas of Silesia and Eastern Prussia were under German 
rule and were heavily populated throughout by German settlers.  Even in 
Congress Poland, under Russian rule, there were hundreds of thousands of 
Germans scattered in a variety of places.  Settlers in Volhynia came from 
all over.  Your question, I fear, is impossible to answer.

Of possible interest however is that both the ROESLER and TETZLAFF surnames 
are prominent within the church records of Kolo parish of Congress 
Poland.  The bad news is that we cannot narrow down the search to the 
specific names in your tree.  So you can see, even when we have the 
surnames narrowed down to a certain region, the search can still fail 
simply because there were so many Germans in these areas.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
jkfrank at shaw.ca

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