[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Meaning of "ow" name ending in Polish.

Jan Textor textor at post8.tele.dk
Sun Mar 24 13:49:45 PST 2002

Miles Ertman wrote:
> I am wondering what the "ow" attachment to the end of a surname means in
> Polish.  For example, I have a marriage record from Plock, Poland which
> states that Floryan Schmidt married Dorota Schmidtow.  Does the "ow"
> in Schmidtow mean that Dorota's maiden name was Schmidt?  i.e. Does it
> Dorota nee Schmidt.

It does mean just that, only the record probably says "Dorota z Schmidtow",
which literally means "Dorothea of the Schmidts".

Jan Textor, Denmark

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