[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Search the right village names ...

Koenig, Gerhard gerhard.koenig at eds.com
Tue Mar 26 20:00:31 PST 2002

Hello list members,
the family of Peter KOENIG and Karoline WUSCHKE came from Brandenburg 
with here children in the region Tomaszow Maz. and lived in Wydrokow.
His son Johann married in Tomaszow Maz. Christine WERNER 
(31.01.1853 - here parents Christian WERNER and Henriette JUBIN). 
I found any persons of the families WUSCHKE, KOENIG and WERNER
in this villages : Siske, Opocznow, Blogie, Wydrokow, Tomaszow Maz.

Thats why my questions :
- Are this the right village names ? Has this villages German names to ?
- Where was the Lutheran church - only in Tomaszow Maz.?
- Has anyone a detail map of this region ?
- Who search in this villages between 1825 - 1855 ?

Thanks for your help and regards from Germany

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