[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Looking for family members from Lodz

missyblake at juno.com missyblake at juno.com
Fri Nov 1 13:33:06 PST 2002

I am in search of information concerning my grandfather and two uncles. 
I feel overwhelmed about looking for information overseas.

The information I have concerning my grandfather has come from his death
certificate from Michigan and the ship manifest when he arrived in the
United States.  My grandfather's name is Arnold Hugo Klausner and his
brother's (my uncle) name is Arnold Gideon Klausner.  The second uncle is
my great-uncle who was named Karl Kohlmann.

This is the information I have:  Arnold Hugo Klausner and Arnold Gideon
Klausner parents names are supposedly Herman Klausner and Emma Feigel. 
Arnold Hugo was born Feb. 29, 1892 and Arnold Gideon was born November 9,
1893, both of them stated they were born in Lodz, Russia.  Arnold Hugo
arrived in the U.S. in 1910 and Arnold Gideon arrived in the U.S. in

The information I have on my great-uncle, Karl Kohlmann:  Born March 7,
1861 in Lodz, Russia; his parents names are Karl Kohlmann and Amalia
Horn, both born in Poland.  Karl married Magdelena Bragoner, born
November 7, 1859, daughter of Carl Bragoner (mother's maiden name
unknown).  They were married when they arrived in America in 1903 and had
with them, two daughters, Pauline, born December 6, 1882 and Elsie, born
July 28, 1895.

Here is my list of questions:  How do I go about verifying the parents
names for Arnold Hugo and Arnold Gideon Klausner.  How do I find the name
of  Magdelena Bragoner's mother?  How would I find marriage information
concerning Karl Kohlman and Magdelena Bragoner?  How do I obtain
information about any other family members?

I thank you, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Patricia M. Foster
missyblake at juno.com

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