[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Smolarnia

Irene Kopetzke kopetzke at uni.de
Fri Nov 15 10:30:34 PST 2002

Does anyone know the location of the village of Smolarnia in
Volhynia? The village is given as the birthplace of Emma HAPKE in
1903. Before 1900, the family settled in Ochnowka and Grabina.

I do find Ochnowka about 8 km north of Wladimir Wolynsk and my
map shows a Kolonie Grabna just 0,5 km west of Ochnowka. I assume
this might be Grabina.  No Smolarnia in the vicinity of Wladimir
Wolynsk. However, there is a Smolary about 2,5 km NW of Ochnowka.
It is a rather small place with only 7 households. Now, I am
wondering if this could be the Smolarnia I am looking for.

Other names involved are: ZIMMER, JOERKE / JURKE, GIETZEL.

Thank you.
Irene Kopetzke
kopetzke at uni.de

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