[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Libau, Russia,etc.

Royal Natzke rnatzke at execpc.com
Mon Nov 25 18:48:08 PST 2002

Thanks to Dave Obee and Dick Benet for responding to my inqiry regarding 
emmigration from Libau to Halifax..My grandfather, John Martin Neumann 
states on his Declaration of Intention for US Naturalization  that he 
did leave from Libau, Russia, but that he arrived at New York on 30 Aug 
1911and not Halifax.. However, his Petition for Naturalization states that
he emigrated to the US from Trout Creek, Canada on or about 17 Dec 1911 
and arrived at Port Huron, MI on 31 Dec 1911 "on the vessel Railroad". 
I'm assuming that was really by train and not by a ship. Could it be 
that the immigration quotas were filled when he got to New York? It 
appears he was in Canada  from Aug to Dec. The Ship from Libau could 
possibly read as Birman and not Burma as I interpreted earlier. Can 
anyone shed any light on this for me? Also he states his birthplace was 
either Kurmenz or Kurnenz, Russia. I have not been able to find it on a map.
It was my father, Edward Neumann who emmigrated from Halifax through 
Port Huron, MI by way of Grand Trunk R.R.. There is not the name of a 
passenger ship listed for him or a date of arrival.

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