[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Payment to Archive

John Faunt jfaunt at thefourjays.com
Thu Nov 28 16:53:17 PST 2002

The total charged amount was 35 USD. $15 for one hour of search time and $10
a piece for the two xerox copies.

In case anybody else is interested, I will give a few more of the details of
my request here.

I requested the birth record of my grandfather, Johan Friedrich Lehmann, who
was born on 29 Jul 1890 near Sompolno. I also asked for the marriage of his
parents: Wilhelm Lehmann and Mathilda Welke with an estimated date of 1889.

I wrote the request to Archiwum Panstwowe in Poznan. I wrote it in Polish
using the letter writing guide from the LDS and also from the book "Polish
Roots" by Rosemary Chorzempa.

I wrote the letter in May of this year and received the response in July.
The response was short and in Polish, and just stated that the requested
records had been found, the cost was $35 and that I could pay to an account
number they gave me.

That's about it. Once I get them the payment, I will be looking forward to
receiving the records. :-)

John Faunt

> Hello John,
> you wrote about two records which were found in an polish archive.
> But you did not say how much the payment is.
> I think that would very interesting.
> Thank you
> Oliver Guenther
> Berlin, Germany
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