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gpvjem gpvjem at sasktel.net
Fri Nov 29 13:43:59 PST 2002

    I can't comment too much on the geographical situation you outline in your
email but don't discount the idea that your relatives may have come from
Russian territories such as Poland, Volhynia and even further east as the
Black Sea or the Volga areas.
    I have made a quick check of the SGGEE's databases (cir mid 1800s) for
central Poland  and found a considerable number of people with the name Wilm.
I also checked the databases prepared from St Petersburg Volhynian church
records (1828 - 1885) and found a fair number listed there as well.
    Coincidentally, within the last few days we have had a brief internal
discussion within SGGEE regarding Quassowski books and the suggestion arose as
to the possible purchase of the set if it is still possible.  If it is still
possible to purchase them,  it would be with the intention of doing "look-ups"
for people with East and West Prussian interests as well as Silesia and
Pomerania etc.
    My grandfather's half brother left Volhynia for Mecklenberg, Germany about
1904, so these people got around a fair bit.  Many people from Volhynia did
the same thing because of the enticements of the German government to return
and general dissatisfaction with their treatment under the Russians.

BTW our people came to North America by ship.  The Navy taught me that boats
are carried on ships for life saving purposes!    8>)

John Marsch

Hello All:
   I`ll get to the subject matter in a moment.First,I`d like to reiterate a
previous inquiry I made to this group.
   My grandfather immigrated to Sask. with his parents and siblings in April
of 1904.Family lore has it that they came over on a cattle boat to Halifax
although I`ve consulted the relevant ship arrival micro films from the
National Archives and couldn`t find any trace of them there for Feb. to June
of 1904.I even went over the films about 3 times just to make sure but there
is no trace of them at all.Unfortunately,I don`t know the name of the boat
(ship?).I do,however,have a photo of my grandfather in his pre-WWI German
uniform,taken probably around the turn of the 20th. century,since he was born
in 18881.The photo has on the bottom the words "Atelier Kurella - Osterode
o/Pr".I assume this refers to East Prussia and I`ve located an Osterode on a
German map from that period,some distance south-west of Konigsberg.Family
history has it that the family originated in a place called Sophenfield
(probably an Anglicised spelling of Sophienfeld or Sofenfeld or something
that).It must have been a particularly small village or settlement because
I`ve not been able to find any hint or trace of it anywhere.So I`m wondering
how likely it is that my ancestors came from much further afield than
(all my relatives are of the opinion that we`re Germans from Russia,I`m not
sure).Was Osterode a major mustering location for the German army for all
German settled areas in the east?How likely is it that my grandfather would
have travelled probably hundreds of miles to enlist,given the transportation
system at the time?
   Now to the subject matter.I`ve found my family name (Wilm) in a few data
bases.A couple of them (ODF,GISW) are in the FHL system but,apparently,the
only way to consult those is to go to Salt Lake City since they aren`t lent
out,even to local FHL centers.That`s out of the question for me.But the title
referenced above was apparently published in Hamburg in 1977 and is available
somewhere.Does anyone know how or where I can consult this publication?I`m
at all certain that the Wilm line in this publication even has any relevance
to my family but I`ve run into a rather substantial brick wall in my research
and I`m sort of grasping at straws and hoping for a hit.Any
hints,tips,tricks,etc. on where I might go from here will be greatly
Andy Wilm
P.S. You can reply to me directly if you don`t wish to over-load the list.And
I thank you in advance!

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