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I happen to have the "W" volume of the Kartei sitting at my elbow this very
moment, so I'm sending Andy what it contains about the Wilm clan.

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>Hello All:
>   I`ll get to the subject matter in a moment.First,I`d like to reiterate a
>previous inquiry I made to this group.
>   My grandfather immigrated to Sask. with his parents and siblings in
>of 1904.Family lore has it that they came over on a cattle boat to Halifax
>although I`ve consulted the relevant ship arrival micro films from the
>National Archives and couldn`t find any trace of them there for Feb. to
>of 1904.I even went over the films about 3 times just to make sure but
>is no trace of them at all.Unfortunately,I don`t know the name of the boat
>(ship?).I do,however,have a photo of my grandfather in his pre-WWI German
>uniform,taken probably around the turn of the 20th. century,since he was
>in 18881.The photo has on the bottom the words "Atelier Kurella - Osterode
>o/Pr".I assume this refers to East Prussia and I`ve located an Osterode on
>German map from that period,some distance south-west of Konigsberg.Family
>history has it that the family originated in a place called Sophenfield
>(probably an Anglicised spelling of Sophienfeld or Sofenfeld or something
>that).It must have been a particularly small village or settlement because
>I`ve not been able to find any hint or trace of it anywhere.So I`m
>how likely it is that my ancestors came from much further afield than
>(all my relatives are of the opinion that we`re Germans from Russia,I`m not
>sure).Was Osterode a major mustering location for the German army for all
>German settled areas in the east?How likely is it that my grandfather would
>have travelled probably hundreds of miles to enlist,given the
>system at the time?
>   Now to the subject matter.I`ve found my family name (Wilm) in a few data
>bases.A couple of them (ODF,GISW) are in the FHL system but,apparently,the
>only way to consult those is to go to Salt Lake City since they aren`t lent
>out,even to local FHL centers.That`s out of the question for me.But the
>referenced above was apparently published in Hamburg in 1977 and is
>somewhere.Does anyone know how or where I can consult this publication?I`m
>at all certain that the Wilm line in this publication even has any
>to my family but I`ve run into a rather substantial brick wall in my
>and I`m sort of grasping at straws and hoping for a hit.Any
>hints,tips,tricks,etc. on where I might go from here will be greatly
>Andy Wilm
>P.S. You can reply to me directly if you don`t wish to over-load the
>I thank you in advance!
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