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Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 29 16:35:59 PST 2002

At 06:58 PM 29/11/2002 -0500, Diana Kooij wrote:
>Hi Andrew, I found 9 SASK's arriving at EllisIsland. One looks promising for
>you:  Margarethe Sask arriving with son Inhirs 5 and daughter Sigride 3 going
>to see her husband Johann (spelling is barely ledgible) Taze? in Boston.  They
>arrived on the Aurania on 23 June 1904. Hope it helps give you a lead with the
>villages listed there at ellisislandrecords.org
>Maybe there was no cattle boat???  diana grace kooij

Actually, Andrew stated, "My grandfather immigrated to Sask. with his 
parents and siblings in April of 1904.  Family lore has it that they came 
over on a cattle boat to Halifax although I`ve consulted the relevant ship 
arrival micro films from the National Archives and couldn`t find any trace 
of them there for Feb. to June of 1904."

Sask. is the abbreviation for Saskatchewan in Canada.  It is not a surname.

Arrivals at Halifax of course are not covered by Ellis Island 
records.  Such Canadian records have not been indexed and it is necessary 
to manually peruse the records to find your ancestors.

Cattle boats were very commonly used as cheap passage by east European 
migrants.  The boats carried cattle from North America to Europe.  The same 
space, steerage, was then fitted with bunks and tables for the return 
trip.  Such boats would have travelled to Ellis Island as well as to 
Halifax, St. Johns and Quebec in Canada.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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