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Mon Oct 14 09:25:23 PDT 2002

In addition to Jerry Frank's comments below, I should note an oddity in the 
St. Petersburg records that I saw during the time I gave some meager 
assistance in compiling them in English.   It was not all that unusual for 
the baptism records to indicate that a family had all their kids baptized 
at one time, as much as 7 or 8 years after they were born.   I do not know 
if this was due to a later heating up in religious fervor for that family, 
or simply because a family was so far away from the church physically that 
it was not possible to do it sooner.  It may also be that the family had 
the births recorded in a Catholic church (or another church) to make the 
civil authorities happy, and much later went to the Lutheran Church where 
they perhaps considered that the baptism was done with better religious 

The above does not fully explain the gap in records noted in the original 
email below, but it does document that some baptisms did not occur as soon 
as we usually saw in Poland, and perhaps some people never had their kids 

Gary Warner

At 08:40 AM 10/14/2002 , Jerry Frank wrote:
>As Gary pointed out, Dave Obee may be able to help as he has extensive 
>experience with Baptists in this area.
>Another church in the region which saw significant converts from the 
>Lutheran Church was the Moravian Brethern.   The Moravians were somewhat 
>less distinctive than the Baptists and some of them are known to have 
>returned to their Lutheran roots.
>Both Baptists and Moravian Brethern were active in this region and time 
>frame.  There were no Mennonites there that I know of.
>It is possible that some baptism entries were missed.  There are gaps in 
>the St. Pete records for certain locations and time frames.  A book for a 
>particular year may have been lost or the Kantor may have missed a few 
>entries in his book before passing it on to the Pastor.  In some cases we 
>know that such missed entries were caught up on in subsequent years but if 
>the subsequent full year is missing, you could end up with a gap of two years.
>And finally, be sure to consider variant spellings such as BAES or BOSE.
>At 10:42 AM 13/10/2002 -0700, Evert Moes wrote:
>>Dear listers,
>>I have been asked to do some research on the above name for a gentleman in
>>Buenos Aires.  He is looking for confirmation on the birth of his
>>ggrandfather, Emil BOESE, born 1882 in Pulin.
>>The St. Pete Archives lists the marriage of Emil's parents (1869) the
>>birth of his siblings in 1871, 1872 and 1875, and then NOTHING.
>>The 7 year span between 1875 and 1882 seems a long time delay in that time
>>for a family to have children.  Family planning was not generally
>>I understand that Pulin was the name of an administrative district as well
>>as the name of a town in the Zhitomir area.  Might there have been another
>>church in this Pulin district not affiliated with the Lutheran church
>>where this family would have registered their birth?  Baptist, Mennonites?
>>Or did we miss something in the St. Pete's archives? (Note:  there are 2
>>Emil Boeses listed in the birth records in the St. Pete's Archives in
>>1882, but these are not the one we are looking for.  Wrong parents!)
>>For the record, my research in the area is on the RAUH, FOCHT and SELTMANN
>>families (Berdichev, Amelin.  All were Ev. Luth.)
>>Evert Moes
>>Sidney, B.C.
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