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    Of course!  That makes a great deal of sense!
    People of authority almost always have their occupation noted in the
records at birth/christenings, such as teachers, magistrates, and police, so
why not the mayor?

Thank you.

John Marsch

The Polish Genealogical Society of America website has a glossary of terms
http://www.pgsa.org/townsGlos.htm which defines it as:
sol~tys: derived from and equivalent to German Schultheiss (later Schultz),
a bailiff or village headman/mayor.


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>     In German Lutheran church records from Poland, frequently I find the
> "soltys" following the name of a witness for a birth/christening.
>     I have not been able to find the word in any of the German translation
> aids I have nor in my German-English dictionary (Oxford-Duden).
>     Can anyone provide a translation or a meaning for the word please?  My
> curiousity is getting the better of me.
> With thanks,
> John Marsch
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