[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sudden Deaths, sickness?

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Hi Tim,
I'm always sad, too, when I read, that my ancesors lost their little
children within some years or months. How many tears did their parents shed?
In the Stawiszyn area, where my ancestors lived, was a cholera epidemic in
1852, because the people had no canalazition and drank dirty water. They had
no antibiotics like we have today and many died of infectious deseases, most
of all the children. On the cemetery of the village of Piskory there are
many graves of little children. The Poles in their hate have destroyed the
gravestones of many of the adults after WW2, but have spared the graves of
the little children...
Sometimes the pastor wrote some notes into the church book, could you check
the originals? Try to find out, if there were unusual many people also from
other families who died in this time. You have to consider that in January
there is a lot of snow in Poland and deep temperatures, which supports the
development of diseases.

Regards from Germany,


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> Good day all;
> Not to bring everyone down, but I would like to know if anyone has an idea
why several members of a family would die in the span of two weeks.
> In 1874 in the first two weeks of January three of my grandad lost three
of his siblings.  The family lived in Boratin at the time and were born in
Pilowka.  (I assume this town is also listed as Pillaw, Siedlitz, Poland)
> Caroline Reck, Eduard Reck, and Juliane Reck age 10, 3, and 6 months all
passed away.  (Surname incorrectly spelled "Rex" in some records)
> Was this just some very unfortunate accident or maybe there was smallpox
going around?  Any ideas?
> On a lighter note;
> To everyone who makes this site so good.  You will never know how much you
are appreciated.  The Lord's blessings to you and yours.
> Tim Recks
> researching:
> Reck/Rek/Rex/Rech, Koehle/Kehle, Steier/Steuer, Felske/Felski, Winterle,
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