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Dear Jennifer,
I note your interest in Steinke's. My husband has Steinke ancestors, though
little is known about them. Beate Luise Steinke married Wilhelm Oppermann
and they had a daughter Julie Henriette born 1843 in the Buchwerder
area/region of Czarnikau - now Polish mid eastern area.
Elizabeth from Victoria, Australia
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> I also have Steinke's in my family tree.  I wonder if we can share more
> names?  I do have a Rudolph Steinke in my tree, but he was born about
> 1843, and I see that he died June 30, 1843 in Ozorkow, Leczyca, Kalisch,
> Poland.  I know that this part of the family spent much time in
> Volhynia, but then came to settle in the Benton Harbor, Michigan area,
> and surrounding townships.  I have over 125 Steinke's in my family tree,
> so perhaps we should try to see what commonalities we share, rather than
> post all of it here.
> Jennifer Walker
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> My parents sponsored a Steinke family from the Sompolno area of Poland
> after World War II.  They lived on our farm (just southeast of Edmonton,
> Alberta) for one year (about 1947/1948) and worked as farm labourers for
> my
> father.  Then they moved to Edmonton and he worked at Gainer's Meat
> Packing
> Plant.
> The names of the family members were Rudolph, his wife Helena, and a son
> named Bruno.  I believe that Bruno may still be alive and living in
> Edmonton.
> Helena had two sisters, Lydia Cywinski and a Mrs. Badke, and a
> sister-in-law, Florence Janke (and her four sons) who also lived in
> Edmonton.
> Contact me if you need more information.
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