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Jerry Frank franklyspeaking at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 19 20:25:21 PST 2003

At 04:57 PM 19/12/2003 -0800, Pfeifer's wrote:
>Unfortunately listed as his "place of hailing" on both lists is Gufermint, 
>Poland. "Gufermint??"... I'm thinking he misunderstood the question the 
>nametaker was asking and answered instead a question like "why are you 
>leaving?". He answers "I'm leaving because of the government". Could that 
>be the case or was there actually a village named Gufermint somewhere in 
>Russian Poland?

I have seen many different "creative" place name spellings over the years 
but this one tops the list.  Your explanation sounds as good as 
any.  However, these people would usually be travelling with some form of 
paper work, passport, etc. so it would not always be an issue of 
misunderstanding the question.

I tried the "sounds like" feature at ShtetlSeeker which is very good at 
giving a great range of options but came up totally blank.  Assuming that 
you have transliterated the script correctly, I can find no good matches 
for anything like that.  If the writing is at all questionable, I'd be 
happy to look at a scan to confirm your suggestion or to offer something 
else.  If you want to send the scan, please include as much of the page as 
possible so that I can compare the writing to other words.

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