[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] From Plock to Czysew , Poland & wagons

Mag Ton mag_ton at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 18 17:14:40 PST 2003

August Ziemer ( born on 9 December 1841 , christianed
at Schrotterburg's Plock German Lutheran Church , son
of Jan Ziemer & Euphrosina Abraham ) somehow migrated
from Borosiewo , Plock and ended up in the area of
Czysew ( Zabiele Pikuly & Sasiny  to be exact ) where
he bought land in the 1860's . Is this on the way to
Volyhynia ? Were there a large group from  Plock that
would have settled in this area - being intercepted by
a possible agent / or lured by other settled former
neighbors  or relatives ? What German Lutheran
Evengelical  Church was in this area for such
settlements ?  There is a family story where August
Ziemer would put the wagon in the river to "wet the
wheels " to keep them in good shape as they were
wooden . In fact , on his deathbed , this is what he
told his son was the most important thing to keep up -
"take care of that wagon"

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