[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sadombrowa [was: Grams]

Hugo Benne hbenne at freeler.nl
Thu Feb 20 03:57:52 PST 2003

Hello all,

Thanks for the answers. I'm afraid this village starts to confuse me more
and more. First Jerry gave me the coC6rdinates of a village called Sadombrowa
(he suggested spelling variants Sadombrow / Zadabrowa / Zadombrowa) which is
near to Olszanow (located on 25 degrees N/S, between 50 and 51 degrees E/W).

The place Dombrowa / Dabrowa that Guenther suggested, I can not find at all
on the map of the Ukraine I just bought today.

Then I looked in the surname database at SGGEE on birth-place and I found
the following places:

Is this all one and the same village????

Kindly regards,


PS. I just phoned a small specialized book-shop in Amsterdan and they will
send me a detailed map of Volhynia in a few days. Hopefully this will help
to clearify this matter.

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> Hugo Benne schrieb:
> >I'm new to this list and the reason for subscribing is because I'm doing
> >research on my biological grandfather Daniel Grams, who was born at
> >20th 1909 in a village called Sadombrowa (spelling variants:
> >Zadabrowa) which is located in Volhynia, Ukraone.
> >
> Hello Hugo,
> there seems to be just one village in Volhynia fitting to your request.
> Its name is Dabrowa [Dombrowa] (Za Dabrowa just means "behind Dabrowa
> [Dombrowa]") and it is some miles southwest of Zaturcy, Kisielin. The
> Odessa Digital Library shows a Johann KLUKAS, * 17 Jun 1883 at Dabrowa,
> father Ludwig KLUKAS, mother Anna GRAMS.
> Guenther
> of Hilden, Germany

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