[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Ziemer and Chodecz

AlbertMuth at aol.com AlbertMuth at aol.com
Thu Feb 20 20:17:24 PST 2003

I suspect that "Krajewski" could be a misreading for Kujawski.  I can't 
guarantee the spelling of the Polish, but do know that the region around
Chodecz can be referred to as Kujawien in German, sometimes as 
Kujawische Seenplatte.  I would need to see the actual record being 
referred to--if it's a Plock marriage record, I have it in my files.  I am 
actually sure what area is taken in here, by the German language
locations that  I have mentioned.  I would love to know precise coordinates.

My greatgrandmother Muth is an Abraham born 1821 in Chodecz parish
(the Catholic one), but in all my work, I have not had much success in 
tieing her extended family to the many other Abrahams in the area.

As I have noted previously, I am quite interested in hearing from ANYONE
who can help me decide whether a Polish spelling "Cymer" is a German
family Ziemer or Zimmer, based on later usage by descendants.  In 
I am regularizing the spelling of Cymer as Zimmer in MY database, 
which is updated annually into the SGGEE pedigree database.

I have no problems regularizing Schulz and Schultz, but Ziemer/Zimmer 
keeps me up nights.  I can also mention the name Rosen; thanks to 
correspondence, I have been able to separate at least A FEW dozen people
whose name is actually Rossin.  

In sum, Krajewski just doesn't sound right.  Give me an exact film 
reference, if you can.  For the areas you are referring to, I have all the 
films at my local Family History Center (FHC).

al muth

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