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Howard Krushel krushelh at telus.net
Wed Jul 23 09:47:27 PDT 2003

I have noticed that  following name changes occurred during the 2nd World
War occupation of Central Poland.
Grodziec was renamed as Grossdorf . As well Babiak was renamed as Waldau,
Brzeziny as Loewenstadt, Dombie-Eichstaedt, Sompolno-Deutscheneck,
Grodno-Garten, Huta Bardzinska-Bardoer Huette, Zagorow- Hinterberg, Izbica
Kujawska- Muehlenthal, Kolo- Warthbruecken, Kutno- Kutten, Wloclawek-
Leslau, Lodz- Litzmannstadt, Brzeziny- Loewenstadt,  Makowisko-
Wolschebuden, Przedecz-Moosburg, Sobieseki- Muehlenrode, Nieszawa- Nessau,
Nowosolna- Neusulzfeld, Orlowo- Adlersheim, "Ruda Pabianicka" as
"Litzmannstadt-Erzhausen", Stawiszyn- Stavenhagen, Tomaszow Maz.-Thomashof,
and I think Sierpc was renamed Sichelberg.
Howard Krushel
krushelh at telus.net
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> Thank you to everyone for their efforts on this question.  One other
> sent me a private email suggesting that this MIGHT be the case and
> has now confirmed it.
> I had considered the possibility myself especially since I later
> that this family still lived near Klein Orlin in the 1890s.  However, the
> only Wartheland map I have of the area (Hoefer), shows Grodziec as
> Groedschuetz.

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