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Hi Everyone,

I thought I would send this out just in case any of you fall under the
guidelines of the Canadian Red Cross's assistance for locating
relatives.  I couldn't use it as I do not have birthdates for some of my
relatives, however if I did they said it would have covered it.    One
other thing to note is to use the Canadian Red Cross in the Province
where you live.




The Canadian Red Cross Society

Tracing and Reunion

Guidelines for Accepting Inquiries


1.  Aim of the program: To provide a means by which residents of Canada
may locate immediate family members within Canada and abroad with whom
they have lost contact as a result of conflict, disaster, or in cases
where there are other compassionate reasons such as death or illness in
the immediate family.  Immediate family members consist of parents,
spouse, children, and siblings.


2.  Red Cross cannot accept the following inquiries:           


            a) Red Cross cannot access adoption records for information
about birth parents and adopted children, therefore such inquiries are
not accepted.


            b) Red Cross is unable to trace a person or accept an inquiry
from a person who is under 18 years of age.  In cases involving a person
or persons under18 years of age, contact is established through the
parents or guardian(s).


3.  Completing the attached form - please ensure your request meets the
following guidelines:   


             a) The Tracing and Reunion form must be as complete as
possible and must include all of the following information:


- full name of the sought person

- complete date of birth (day, month and year)

- complete last known address


If any of the above information is missing, the Red Cross will not be
able to initiate a search.


              b) There must be a valid reason for tracing, that is, loss
of contact must be due to one of the events (conflict or disaster) stated
above under aim of the program.  If tracing is requested for because of
death or illness in the immediate family, please provide the Red Cross
with details.


              c) There must have been previous contact/communication
between the sought person and the inquirer.  


              d) The inquirer must have exhausted all efforts to locate
the sought person on his/her own before placing an inquiry with the Red
Cross.  Please indicate on the tracing form details of efforts made to
locate the sought person.   Before placing an inquiry with the Red Cross,
the inquirer must have -

            -    written to the last known address

-         phoned the last known phone number or contacted directory

-         contacted other family members who might have information about
the  sought persons whereabouts


Please return the completed tracing form to: The Canadian Red Cross
Society, 4750 Oak Street, Vancouver, B.C.  V6H 2N9.




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