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Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Sun May 18 08:29:24 PDT 2003

County and province borders changed numerous times over the past 200 
years.  You can see some of those using the maps listed at:

The second problem is the duplication of place names in Poland which means 
any one of the places you list could be in one of several local governing 
districts.  For example, there are at least 4 Maliniec located in 3 
different modern provinces.  There is only one Szarlatow(o) (in the Konin 
region) but several dozens of Dabrowo.

It would help your research if you could narrow down the region, even to 
that of pre WW I Russian Poland.  Membership in SGGEE allows for access to 
my maps which show over 3000 villages in which Germans lived in Russian 
Poland.  There is still place name duplication but it helps to reduce the 
numbers.  (map series also available for purchase in different format - 
contact me privately)

Assuming that you are dealing with Germans, it is often more helpful to 
know a parish name rather than a political boundary.  Churches kept the 
vital statistics records for the government.  With the parish name, you can 
find out what LDS resources are available (see also 
http://sggee.org/PolishLutheranArchives ) and you can determine which local 
archive holds the originals for further research.

And finally, it would help if you can group the events in these 
villages.  For example, if your paternal ancestry in a 20 year period 
occurs in 4 of these villages, there is a possibility that they are in the 
same parish which will narrow the search.

At 01:00 PM 17/05/2003 -0500, RichardR wrote:
>Does anyone know if or where I can obtain a map or document that shows the
>county and province of towns in Poland? I would like to get that information
>on the following towns: Maliniec, Szarlatowo, Dabrowo, Koci Ostrow,
>Tarnowek, Teodorowo, Bialobloty, Cekow, Witowo, Przewoz, Krzymowo, Kalisz,
>Samoczyn, Mostki, Borecznia, Wielka Wies, Sosnowice, Zuzanowo, Owinsku and
>Janowo. If a map or document is not available, maybe members will be able to
>help me out. Thanks.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
jkfrank at shaw.ca 

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