[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Looking for Chris Nordstrom!

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Mon Nov 10 03:18:51 PST 2003

Chris, (pandaber65 at aol.com email address no good any longer)

I have been looking over your page on Ancestry.com for a while now, and 
believe we may either have a link to each other through one or more families, or I 
have further information that may be of use to you. 

A few months ago I received a copy of some church records from 
Reil/Zell/Burg/Alf that may be of interest to you in particular because it includes 
Hanio/Hanigo references connected to Schweisthal's in the 1700's, among many others.

I am searchig for the following from the Reil area: 
Budinger/Bidinger/Bitdinger, Fritzen, Franzen, Pesch, Laas/Laass, Windhauser, 
Bohmer/Bomer, Boes/Bos, Lentz, Greiss, Butzen/Bartzen, Schorn, Clemens, 
Schweisthal, Schneider, Daun, Sausen, Raskop, Baur/Bauer/Beyers, 
Beiltz/Beilz/Beilzen, Hollerbaum, Scher, Schu, Richter, Hammes, Mueller/Muller/Miller, 
Nilles/Nolles, Heuchel, Jung/Junck, Hanigo, Back/Beck/Becker, Geller/Goller, 
Hulten/Holten, Himmen/Immen, Irmelen
Coenen/Koenen, Uber/Uwer, Faldey, Marsilius, Schmitt, Schmitz, Schmidt, 
Schulz, Krause, Kammer/Kemmer, Richter, Arl, Justen/Josten/Jost. Almost all of 
these surnames are in the church records and/or my ancestry file.

Another question or two.......have you been in contact with Harry Poulos, 
John F. Rosenthal, John P. Schweisthal or Mario Goettems? John Rosenthal is a 
distant cousin of mine and he has many surname matches to you, and Harry is 
trying to find a connection with each of us - he has Niessen, Neidhofer, Bauer, 
Reiss and Scherer from the same areas (between Trier, Koblenz and Koln). John 
Schweisthal and Mario Goettems also have many common surnames on our lists, I 
just cant' get the same generations to match up yet.

I would love to hear from you.........if you would like a copy of the church 
records, I would be willing to send a snail mail copy if you provide an a
ddress (sorry - they came to me on paper).


Maureen Murray Webb 

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