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Hello Margrit - I am an attorney but do not practice in California.  I did 
check with the Calif. Bar Association and learned that Mr. Hyman is 
deceased.  If Samuel Hildebrandt died in San Francisco, his will should have 
been probated there and the Probate Court should have a copy of it (or be 
able to retrieve it from its archives).  The address is:  Clerk of Court - 
Probate Section, Superior Court of California, 400 McAlllister Street, Room 
103, San Francisco, CA 94102-4514.  The telephone number is (415) 551-3702 
if you wish to call the Clerk.  Hope this helps.

Don Kronenberger

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>I am still looking for family of my grandmother Juliane Arndt (born 1904
>in Horodyszce/Volhynia). My greatgreatuncle Samuel Hildebrandt died in
>1985 in San Francisco. Now I had the possibility to take a look at his
>last will. Some of his heirs are named as the grandchildren of his friend
>Pauline Arndt. For Samuel was born in the same place as my grandfather
>(Juliane Arndt's husband), perhaps there could be a connection. The
>attorney in 1985 was  a Maurice J. Hyman of San Francisco (Post Street).
>Unfortunately it seems that he is no more an attorney. Perhaps somebody
>of you knows how I can find the successor of this attorney, in order to
>get to know the address of these grandchildren. Every help is
>Best regards from Germany
>Margrit Weigel

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