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Mail from Joerg Brauer ( brauerjorg at compuserve.de )  part 2
>From all these traditions 1638 two KLUDT brothers (August and ???) 
from a village with Z|lpich on the Rhine (approx. 40 kms to the south 
of Cologne) to Brandenburg went because there from the big Elector 
free land was distributed that 1636 of Sweden were laid waste and 
were at that time almost without population. Further details is not 
known about that point, however, I suppose that this land to the East 
him Oder lay. (Oderbruch, Netze district, Warthe depressions, in the 
triangle of the rivers of the same name)

They looked for free land because the court of the parents according 
to the valid law among the successors might be not split. For it other 
children kept a good education with it them her bread as a teacher 
or officials with the sovereigns or with the church could earn. (Citation) 

>From it that goes out these KLUDT brothers read and could write and 
controlled the business arithmetic kinds usual at that time. I mention 
this because such arts were to be found at that time among farm children
very rarely. The parents of these brothers must have been well-to-do after 
graduations at that time (30-year-old religion-war). 

The descendants of these brothers have spread evidently in the whole 
area to the east him Oder. I close this from letters I up to now above 
the lists has agreed. However, my immediate ancestors are other-walked 
after the 7-year-old war (about 1760) to Poland, away from the sphere
of influence of Friedrich to the majority. The reason, probably they left 
her sons not in wars and in Poland there was for German colonists 
free land. (shop or lease) 

My 3x great-grandfather Johann Kludt (in 1783-1862, the third Johann) 
has walked in 1819/20 from Poland to Bessarabia and has taken over 
there (Katzbach) immediately the village school. He was already in 
Poland a teacher, however, the tailor's craft had also learned. 

All KLUDT afterwards in the south of Russia lived are descendants 
of his both sons. Johann KLUDT and his wife Anna Maria WILL had 
only these both children, Karl Wilhelm KLUDT (in 1807-1874) and 
Friedrich August KLUDT (in 1811-1897). My great-great-grandfather 
is latter and he has written the still available oldest diary. It came into 
being in the time between 1840 and 1895 and was an incredibly 
important spring to the understanding of the life circumstances in 
Bessarabia for me.
His older brother has started even a book (notebook, 70 sides) about
the life circumstances of the colonists in Bessarabia written, from 
the first settlement to approx. 1866. Both brothers were teachers, 
how many KLUDT after them and they had together 29 children. 
However, of it only 19 have reached the adult's age.

As places of residence in Prussia the following places are called:
Schneidemuehl, Schokken, Bromberg, Rogasen, Gnesen in Posen
and the town Posen. 
However, these were only the nearest capital towns the real places 
of residence were not delivered. These places are called as the 
market towns where they sold her rural products. Their farm courts 
must be to be looked in the surroundings of these places. I have 
even already found some about German mailing lists. 

In Poland itself become the places Kolo, Konin, Turek, Dabie, 
Wrotzlawek, Peterkau (Petrikau?) named. Also here they have
not lived in the towns but in the villages of the surroundings. Also
here it was already helped me by members of German mailing lists 
decisively. Today all these places lie in Poland. 

So now I come bit by bit to GRUDCIENSKI. 

In the years 1834/35 my great-great-grandfather F.A.Kludt has from 
Bessarabia a trip to Germany undertaken. He was 23 years old at 
beginning of this trip, it was a total of 10 months on the way namely 
almost exclusively on foot. Whether he could use on the way also 
once a cart is not delivered to us. For a trip with the stagecoach he 
and his parents had no money. Whether there have been at that 
time generally post lines in Bessarabia, I do not know at all.

During these 10 months he has a total of approx. 2,400 kms covered. 
I have measured again his way which he has well documented with 
the dividers on my maps, I did not come out of the astonishment. 
The really covered distance was even still probably longer around 
something, because he very often had to go detours. (four land borders) 

>From the tradition is still famously also his older brother (he was 
already married) has involved in the financing of the trip. 

With the trip two purposes were pursued on pursuing of his parents.

1. He should visit the headquarters of the confession *Herrnhuter 
brother chruch* (?) in man's hat / Saxony. For different reasons 
which should be mentioned only by way of a hint he possibly many 
municipalities of the Herrnhuter visit. Probably it was about religious 
disputes in Bessarabia, because in this time there have been there 
some riots because of religious practices divergent from the Lutheran 
belief. They obviously looked for new orientation. He had in addition 
a letter of his father to the Herrnhuter. What stood in it, unfortunately, 
is not delivered. 
Indeed, he goes from some entries from so-called Diarien out really 
some brother's municipalities has visited and which it has been in 
man's hat. At that time my inquiry intruded (2 years ago) at first 
very much because them just a jubilee prepared. Then, however, 
I got surely soon an answer with the archive duplicates and this 
even(still) free of charge. 
I have proved the Herrnhutern quite unconsciously a big service 
with the description of the trip of my ancestors. The archive in 
man's hat has burned out namely in 1945 and the information I 
have delivered to them no more existing in the archive.

2. He should visit on the way all members of his parents (brothers 
and sisters). Thus he has visited of course also the youngest 
brother of his father, just the Christoph KLUDT/GRUDSCHINSKI. 
In the family he counted as the black sheep because he of the 
right belief had deviated and Catholic has become. He was 
excluded practically from the family. However, he had to visit 
the order also him. 

To the understanding of the situation I quote a cutting from the diary ...

... part 3 ...

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