[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] amended File "Marriages at Sompolno" (1840through abt. 1854)

Claudia Kittel dougclau at cybertime.net
Fri Apr 16 18:43:33 PDT 2004

I am trying to send the attached message to jerry Frank and I would
appreciate any help I can get.  Thank you
Claudia Kittel

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Dear fellowsearches,

as meanwhile half of the work is done (presently about 4000 persons
extracted out of 700 records), I replaced my file
"akta_malzenstw_ewang_Sompolno" by an updated raw-version on my
web-site. Two "zipped" versions, which are NOT linked to my homepage may
be downloaded by direktly selecting:


(a 759 KB zipped .paf-file, only to be opended by
"Personal Ancestral File",
a program provided by the "Mormones"), and


(a 423 KB zipped .ged-file utilizing the UTF-8 character-set). Using PAF
you can open the file "akta_malzenstw_ewang_Sompolno.ZIP"
directly (select "restore" or open it by a "dubbleclick").
If you want to import the .ged-file contained in "Heiraten_Sompolno.ZIP"
into your own program, you may meet a problem if it does not work
together with the UTF-8 character-set. In this case you must unzip the
file, open it with your texteditor and replace "UTF-8" in the header by
"ANSI" or "ANSEL" (dependig on your pragram). After saving the file
again, it is ready for import (but you will loose the polish diacritical

Most of the persons mentioned in these records were german farmers or
handcrafters moving into that area from the prussian countries Posen,
Westpreussen or Pommern. Some came ore may probably have come from
Weurttemberg, Baden or Switzerland. As their german names often had been
"translated" into Polish I "translated" these polish names back into
German whenever I thought to have good reasons. Thus e. g. ZIEBART
becomes SIEBERT and ZUESS becomes SUESS again (perhaps helping you to
find your jewish ancestors). Nevertheless the original polish variant
found in the record is noted (using the polish diacritical characters).
Studying the file, you see that I "played" with PAF, aiming on how to
include whitnesses. But although PAF really is very powerful it does not
provide a "linking-together" couples and whitnesses by a direct jump.
Despite my solution is a compromise only, it shows family-relations
between couples and whitnesses in many cases. Still needing a
"fine-tuning" in a .html file to provide that direct jump.

Finally this file shall be an appetizer to join the SGGEE.

best regards,


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Dear Jerry Frank,
I am Claudia Kittel, and I joined the group about a month and a half or
more ago, and I am looking for Amanda Sonnenberg.  You had told me
something which at the time I ignored, and that was you had found an
Amanda Sonnenberg who went to meet her brother somewhere on the Ease
Coast in 1904.  Could you send me that information again?  I think I may
have overlooked it by mistake.

Julius Zielke was a woodworker, and he was good.  My daughter has a
spool bed which he made by himself.  He was born in 1885, and I am
thinking he could have come to the United States in the process of
running away from home, for he never told his children anything about
him, and my mom had written this letter to her cousin in 1971 which was
full of nonsensical guesses, but it has gotten me to thinking.

Any suggestions you may have would be welcome.

Claudia Kittel

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