[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Friedrichsdorf (Solomka), Volhynia

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 4 05:24:17 PDT 2004

At 07:05 PM 03/08/2004, Peter Schmaltz wrote:
>A distant cousin of mine recently shared some genealogy research he gathered
>thru AHSGR which describes my great grandfather as being from "Friedrichsdorf
>(Solomka)." I've since examined my great grandfather's birth record on the St.
>Petersburg archives (both via online listings as well as looking at the
>microfilm myself).
>This has opened a few new questions for me I was hoping someone might be able
>to easily answer:
>(1) Where is Friedrichsdorf? What is its current/modern name? I suspect it is
>in the Zitomir area as my 2nd great grandparents were married in that parish
>according to the Odessa3 listings for Volhynia. I've looked on the FEEFHS map
>room web site as well as maps at www.wolhynien.de/geograph.htm among other
>places and not been able to locate it.

The parish was very large so Friedrichsdorf is not particularly close to 
Zhitomir.  It is actually closer to Rowno.

Go to http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/EART/x-ussr/ukraine.html and click on 
Rivne, then #41.  Enlarge the resulting map if necessary and go to grid 
lines vertical 46, horizontal 35.  Just below is Co*omka = Solomka.

For an overview map, go to 
and you will find it just about straight north of Rowno.

>(2) Is Solomka the modern name for the town or is it the district where
>Friedrichsdorf is located?

Solomka is the original as well as modern name for the 
village.  Friedrichsdorf was the Germanic name applied to it in honor of 
the son of the landowner, Count Lubomirski.

>(3) How is it possible to figure out that my great grandfather was born in
>Friedrichsdorf specifically? That infomation doesn't seem to be in the St.
>Pete's microfilm I looked at, but perhaps I missed it.

It may not be possible directly.  If you find siblings of his born before 
and after him in Friedrichsdorf, then it is highly probable that he was 
born there too.  One other way is to find an original baptism certificate, 
(or marriage certificate) perhaps in the possession of your distant cousin, 
that would verify the location of birth.

Are you related to the Schmaltzes in the Benton Harbor region of 
Michigan?  That family ties into my Hemminger family which also lived at 

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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