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My response may be of interest to other readers on this mailing list so I 
have responded here as well as on the other list where you posted the same 

Radomyschl Parish referred to below is between Zhitomir Parish and Kiev 
Parish.  For the most part it was covered in early years by the pastor from 
Kiev but there is cross over with Zhitomir.

My map of Volhynia covers Radomyschl parish but not Kiev.  I hope to add 
Kiev some day if the St. Petersburg records for that region are ever extracted.

At 10:24 AM 20/08/2004, James A. Geike wrote:
>Hello list members.
>I hope one of you will be able to help.
>Are the following villages in the Kiev parish
>1.) Karlowka

This (along with variants like Karlinowka and Karolew) is a very common 
place name.  Stumpp shows one (Karlufka) NE of Malin on his map which I 
have not been able to verify on any topographical map.  There is definitely 
one further NE and another 2 to the NW, all within Radomyschl 
parish.  There may be others as well.

>2.) Hulewzy

I couldn't find such a place on a basic search.  There is Hulewiczy in 
Volhynia but it is not a known German settlement.  Watch for this place 
name to alternately begin with G or Kh.  There is Golyszewy (aka Holeszow 
and Huluwitzow) near Luck in Volhynia with known German settlers.

>3.) Karolow

Similar to Karolowka note above except that I have no Karolow anywhere in 
Volhynia where Germans are known to have lived.  By the way, ...ow = 
village and ...ka = little.  So Karolow is Karl's village and Karolowka is 
Karl's little village.  Sometimes the "ka" is dropped from a place name in 
transmitting the info and Karolowka becomes Karolow in some records.

>4.) Naliwaikowa

Located about 8 km WNW of Makaroff at about (very roughly) N50/30  E30/00

If you provide source or context info for these places, we may be able to 
help further.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca  

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