[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Parish holdings in Lipno

Jan Textor textor at oncable.dk
Mon Feb 16 00:45:02 PST 2004

Lutheran records for the parish of Lipno are held by the Polish State
Archives for the period 1808-1901, and have been filmed by the LDS up to
1865.  Newer records are probably still held by the Lipno town authorities.
Therefore, it is surprising to me that the birth record of Michael Dill
(born in Komorowo abt. 1825) could not be found by the researcher.  Have you
looked into the filmed records yourself?

I completely agree with Al Muth that in order to proceed further, you must
find the marriage record for Michael Dill and Elisabeth Schwarzrok.  That
marriage must have taken place sometime between 1811 and 1825, and should
also be in the Lutheran records of Lipno if they were married there.
However, it was customary that marriages took place near the bride's home,
and as there was a Schwarzro(c)k family in Gnojno, it might not be such a
long shot at all to look into the Catholic records of Bobrowniki.

Good luck with your research.
Jan Textor, Denmark

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> Hello all,
>     I have doing most of my research in the Lipno parish.  As some of you
> know records there are kept from 1808 to 1900.  Would anyone
> venture an opinion
> as to where records in this area would have been kept prior to 1808?
>     I have hired a professional in Poland to search the Lipno
> parish records.
>  He has stated that he has exhausted all records containing the
> Dyll surname
> and that some records have been destroyed.  Any opinion on when
> they could
> have been destroyed?  My thought was that the LDS may have the
> missing records
> filmed.
>     Please indulge my thinking here: The oldest date I have thus
> far would be
> for the marriage of Michal Dyll and Zuzanna Kratzkie - Feb. 1858.  This
> document refers to Michal -age 33, as being born in Komorowo and
> his  parents as
> Michal Dyll (d. 15 Sep 1855-age 62)and Elzbieta Szwarcrok.  Now
> using a little
> math, the elder Michal must have been born abt. 1793.  Not having a birth
> record to go from I don't have a birthplace, so I don't know what
> area/parish I
> would be dealing with.
>     Any correspondence would be helpful.  Thank you.
> Regards,
> Erik Dill

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