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Hi Reuben,

Here is a partial answer to your questions.  The earliest German farming
colonies were established in the early 1800s.  There was an influx in the
1830s, but the numbers were still relatively small, reaching only about 5000
by 1860.  The large influx occurred after 1860 until about 1880.  Nearly all
the Germans came from Poland and they came for a variety of reasons, but
mostly for the inexpensive land that was available.  In most cases, private
arrangements for lease or purchase of land were made with the estate owners.
A good summary of the settlements and the origin of the settlers in Volhynia
is the 1937 article by Walter Kuhn which was translated by Ewald Wuschke and
printed in the Wandering Volhynians, March 1995.  Back issues of the
Wandering Volhynians may be still available from Ewald Wuschke.  The names
and locations of the colonies are shown on the wonderful map by Jerry Frank
which is available on the website to members of SGGEE.

I hope this is helpful.

Dick Stein

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>             Has there ever been a  compiled listing of all the colonies
> had
> been established in Volhynia / oblast / province?
> 2. Dates when they were established ?
> 3. Where did the colonist originate from ?
> 4. Was it  church affiliated groups that organized  all these colonies or
> others?
> Thanks
>    Reubin
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