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Wed Jul 7 15:05:04 PDT 2004

I have another question for anyone who might provide a thought or two on the 
Deportation prior or at the beginning of WWI in Volhynia.  My one family 
story, the Anna Less Schoenrock-Unrau family left their home, probably in or around 
Viktorowka, in fall of 1913, arriving in an area south of Moscow called 
Kaluga.  I have another family story from another Volhynian family that probably 
were caught in this deportation as in the EWZ records found later of family 
members it was said that their father died in 1917 somewhere in the Volga region.  
Which to me would say they may have been in that area as refugees from 
Volhynia around 1915 or so.  I have another family whose  records found for me by 
RAGAS (if any one remembers the group that once existed to help you do research 
in Russia)  indicate they were refugees in Samara from Volhynia and received 
funds which was recorded in a church record in Samara.  They were originally 
from the village of Annette in Volhynia.  The assistance was given to them 
probably after they arrived in the Volga region.  They needed help as there was no 
work to be had according to the recorded comments.  Now - the questions?
      Did Russia provide direction for the Volhynians when they were forced 
out of their homes?  Police support?  Why different places as my stories seem 
to indicate?  Or were they on their own after being evicted?  And could go 
anywhere except near the front line areas.  I think it would be interesting to 
have more of the story of just how this deportation was done.  This morning I 
received a story from someone who was in the Polish-Russian areas near the "front 
lines" saying they were forced to leave and their home was burned down as 
they left.
Who did this?  The Russians?  
       I really think we could use more insight of this period of time  if 
anyone who has a story, even a simple sentence on the subject, could share that 
with us.  Perhaps a composite and more complete detailed story will emerge.  
Appreciate any one responding here.  If there is an official "story" somewhere, 
where would it be?

Virginia Less

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