[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Housekeeping: Replying to messages

Jerry Frank GPVListAdmin at sggee.org
Sun Jul 11 08:58:02 PDT 2004

In replying to a message, you can use one of two methods:

Hit "Reply":
Your response will only go to the individual who posted the message.  It 
will not be distributed to the list.

Hit "Reply All":
Your response will go to the individual and another copy to the mailing 
list.  This means that the original poster will get 2 responses to the same 

For a poster to receive 2 responses is not necessarily a bad thing, 
ESPECIALLY if the response contains helpful advice.  It ensures that they 
get the message.

Sometimes, when a thread develops, hitting "Reply All" results in your 
response going to the mailing list, the original poster, AND other posters 
that have participated in the thread.  We have a spam blocking feature on 
our mailing list which means that if there are more than 3 addresses in the 
"To:" field, the message will not get through to the list.  It will bounce 
back to you with an automated note that there are too many recipients.  So, 
if 3 people have been part of the thread and you use "Reply All", our 
mailing list will constitute the 4th address and your message will bounce 
back to you.

To avoid this problem, take a second or two to look at your "To:" line 
before sending your response.  If you see a lot of addresses there, delete 
all except the mailing list address.  If your reply contains help 
specifically for one of the posters, then delete all addresses except the 
posters and the mailing list.

Taking a few extra seconds to think about where your message will go will 
help the system to run smoother, prevent a lot of duplicate messages, and 
will be less confusing for you when you receive bounced messages.

Thank you.

Jerry Frank - List Administrator for [Ger-Poland-Volhynia]
GPVListAdmin at sggee.org

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