[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Housekeeping: Effective subject lines

Jerry Frank GPVListAdmin at sggee.org
Sun Jul 11 08:39:05 PDT 2004

The recent discussions about deportations have been interesting and very 
lengthy.  There have been several different strains to this thread so I 
would like to suggest some hints for improving our ability to follow 
them.  This is especially important for long threads such as this.  This is 
not a reprimand - just some hints to help improve the conversation.

In any discussion, one comment may lead to our thoughts about another 
related but different situation.  If the subject line remains the same, we 
can become confused about the commentary that follows.  Using some of the 
threads that occurred during the recent "Deportation" discussion as an 
EXAMPLE, here are some ideas.

Started with the issue of 1915 deportations from Volhynia under the subject 

Leads to the issue of what happened before 1900:  suggestion for subject 
change, "What about German-Russian relations before 1900".

Leads to the issue of treatment of Germans in Russian Poland:  suggestion 
for subject change, "Were Germans also deported from Russian Poland?".

and so on.  You can of course still hit "Reply All" and quote the original 
discussion that led to your thoughts in the body of the text.  Just change 
the subject line to reflect the new thought.

To reiterate, this is not a reprimand, just a hint for more effective 
communication.  And the concepts apply to other lengthy threads as well.

Thank you for all your contributions not only on this thread but others as 
well.  We now have almost 390 subscribers to our list from around the world 
and you are the ones that make this a useful tool in our genealogical pursuits.

Jerry Frank - List Administrator for [Ger-Poland-Volhynia]
GPVListAdmin at sggee.org

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