[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Saxon Colonist Lists/New East Prussia~1795-1806

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Wed Jul 14 09:59:56 PDT 2004

Greetings ListServ participants,

In the old Archive of Warszawa (Warsaw) (AGAD), much material exists
regarding New East Prussia, (NeuOstpreussen) a Prussian province during
the years of 1795-1807.

Among "Materien (Subjects)" of the ll.HA, you will find in the register
specifically: Nr. 1079-1090: gesuche um Kolonistenetablissements in
Neuostpreussen -12 volumes.
(of which vol.1087-1090 are not at this location)
Nr. 1091-1101: Ansetzung von Kolonisten und Invaliden in
Neuostpreussen, auch Ansetzung der Katner u. Gartner in  Amtsdorfer
(Volumes 1-11, 1796-1806)

When we (Juergen Bomert and "Otto" Schienke) visited this archive in
Warsaw, we copied approximately a bit more than a hundred colonist
names out of the volumes 1079-1101 over a period of three days.

Does anyone know if other researchers are in existence that have
already completed this work. . . and perhaps in entirety?  Are there
colonist lists already available, hopefully on the Internet?

SGGEE members,
Juergen Bomert
Richard "Otto" Schienke

...  Otto

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