[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Deportations

E Sonnenburg esonnenburg at porchlight.ca
Wed Jul 14 14:11:13 PDT 2004

Although they are in German here are lists of villages in Volhynia,
occupants and the amounts of land they owned in 1916 before they
were deported.  Also the fathers are listed to make it easier for
genealogists.  The webmaster, Irene K. can help anyone in English as well.

As far as I understand the original documents are in Ukranian and take time
to translate.  If there are villages not mentioned ask Irene and she may
translate your villages first.  If you can give her spellings of last names
that can help her.

The amounts of land ares desjantins.  One desjantin is about 1.5 acres.


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